South América, Brazil - São Paulo, SP


My name is Giovanne, I was born in 1997, I'm from São Paulo capital and I've been working in the Graphic Designer area since I was 14 years old with silly projects that ranged from a skin for a very old game (CS 1.6) to a blogspot for a team of e-sport. I started studying the theoretical part at the age of 17 when I entered the faculty of Graphic Design. Since then I started my journey as a professional where I worked mainly with companies focused on E-commerce, producing images for advertisements and campaigns for websites. Throughout my professional career I have always tried to evolve as much as possible, with several references that I admired and challenged myself to try to match or even surpass these people that I saw as inspiration and that is still the case today. 

Nowadays I see that no matter how much we improve, in the end it's very easy to make art, the difficult thing is to expose yourself. And here begins my journey to expose all my skills that I will acquire over the years.